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Furnace Cabinet Line

Furnace Cabinet Line

This system was designed and built for a major manufacturer of furnace and air conditioning equipment.

Starting form Pre-Punched and Notch Blanks, we developed an On-Time Production Cell to feed and form the Pre-Painted Cabinet Shells directly onto the Infeed Conveyor. Utilizing a Destack and Feed Rollformer and Four Ram Tangent Endformer, the blanks are fed and formed and staged to operate as a Just-In-Time Part Call-Up System.

The Endformer will form pre-rollformed panes into final formed three-sided cabinets in five different depths, four widths and two heights. The Outer Rams will form a 90° flange on both ends and the Inner Rams will form the cabinet into a three-sided Wrapper. The parts are threaded directly from the Feed Conveyor, formed then ejected laterally onto the next conveyor to the assembly area.

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