Blower Housing Assembly Unit

Blower Housing Assembly Unit

Complete Coil Feed System

Blower Housings, the metal shells that enclose fan blades in various applications, are crucial components in industries ranging from HVAC to automotive. Traditionally, their assembly involved manual labor, a process prone to inconsistencies and limitations in production speed. To address these challenges, Blower Housing Assembly Units have emerged as a game changer in the manufacturing landscape.

These machines are designed to automate the assembly process, significantly increasing efficiency and production volume. This machine punches, notches, embosses, seams, & flanges the Wrappers in a variety of lengths, widths & patterns.

Variable Width Quick Change Rollformer and Dies.

Programmable Assembly Unit produces Assembled and Seamed Blower Housings in a wide range of diameters, widths and styles on one machine.

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