U-Channel Machine Rebuild

U-Channel Machine Rebuild

Custom Rollform Products manufactured this line for a customer approximately 15 years ago. They made a design change in their product which required changes in the Rollform Tooling, Punching, and Cutoff Presses. It was decided at this time to update the Data Entry Controller. It was also decided to inspect and rebuild the Rollformer and Presses as needed.

We pre-made the Tooling changes required and they ran production inventory to allow us access to the System for approximately two (2) weeks. The System was sent into our plane in St. Louis, MO to perform the rebuild and changes required. A rebuild in our plant gives us full access to perform everything properly with the shortest out of production downtime. Field rebuilds can put you out of production twice as long if not longer and the quality is usually compromised by time and material restraints.

We always upgrade the Guarding as required and touched up the paint to make the Unit look fresh and new again.