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Our History

American Sheet Metal Equipment was established to Decoilerbecome the machinery component division of Custom Rollform Products, Inc. For over 30 years Custom Rollform Products has designed and manufactured a full line of quality special automated sheet metal fabrication systems. Now through American Sheet Metal Equipment these same high quality components can be integrated into your system for a wide range of applications. Located in St. Louis, Missouri U.S.A., American Sheet Metal Equipment Inc. has been producing machinery for the metal fabrication industry for over 30 years. Our design and engineering team, and the skilled craftsmen that build American Sheet Metal Equipment machines have years of experience and utilize the latest state of the art technologies, while continuously developing new designs and ideas into products that are used world-wide today. Feeder Straightener - 5000 series

Whether it is a standard component, or a special application you are developing, you will find our sales, service, and engineering staff eager to help and provide the solution you need. We manufacture a quality, heavy duty Decoiler at a reasonable price. We manufacture a full line of Decoilers and Multiple Coil Payoff Systems along with all the optional Coil Cars and Coil Upenders up to 25,000# capacity. We also design and build a wide range of Destack and Feed Applications, Sheet Stackers and Stack Towers to meet all your production requirements. We design and build Feeder Straighteners for a wide range of applications. Our Rollfeeds and Feeder Straighteners can integrate into your system utilizing a variety of Drives and Programmable Controls to fit your needs. American Sheet Metal Equipment can also manufacture Inline Notching and Punching Systems, Rollforming, and Tangent Wingform / Endform Equipment. We can also build Special Spot and Seam Weld Systems, and Toggle Lock Assembly Units.American Sheet Metal Equipment No matter what your requirements are from simple retrofit, retool, free standing Decoiler or Straightener or a complete turnkey system, I am sure we can fulfill your needs.

I believe you will find we are large enough to handle your every production requirement, yet small enough to give every customer and job the personal attention to detail they deserve. Our slogan “Quality Design Means Production You Can Afford”, still holds true. Price does not always determine the best. We maintain a constant effort to achieve the best design, the best technology, the best equipment, and the best service. Let us show you our best. It may be the best move you ever made.