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Basic Rollformers

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We offer a wide variety of Basic Rollformers to fit every profile and forming application. Additionally all our Rollformers are Gear Driven and designed with Heavy Duty Bearings, Spindle Housings, and Roller Die Shafts.

The Spindle Housings are precision ground and machined to exact tolerances. The Spindle Shafts are retained within quality machined spindle housings using Heavy Duty Timken style Roller Thrust Bearings.

This total On Time Production System allows you to run individual parts with a wide variety of  lengths and patterns. This eliminates setups, downtime and / or scrap loss.

In our designs we try to understand the overall needs and  requirements of our customers. Over the years we have developed and incorporated features that reduce setup and downtime. This allows greater flexibility in material and part variations, with greater accuracy and dependability. Overall this system is just one example of the flexibility we offer. To point out the Rollform Tooling is variable from a simple Handwheel Leadscrew adjustment. It requires less than a minute to change from one part width to another.

The Rollformer Feed Index (starts / stops) the strip through the Cutoff Press to minimize the setup or changeover required for either length or width changes.

Rollformers Inboard Application Forming Rolls
Inboard Application Forming Rolls mounted on Inboard Spindles between the Bearing Housings.


Rollforming is the art of progressively forming metal to produce a wide variety of profiles and configurations. The part size, material, and profile determine the Roll and Shaft size, number of form stations required, vertical and horizontal centers, Roll spacing, and horsepower required. For example improper Rollformer sizing can cause excessive stretching, bow, twist, ripples, and oil canning of the formed part.

A Rollformer can be tooled with Inboard Tooling (Rolls positioned between the Roll Shaft Spindle Bearings) or Outboard Tooling (Rolls mounted on external extended Roll Spindles). Whenever possible, part profiles should be run Inboard. Outboard applications should be used primarily for forming the edges of the metal on wide sheets.

Basic Rollformer Outboard Tooling
Outboard Application Forming Rolls mounted on Outboard Extended Spindle Shafts that overhang from the Spindle Housing. This is primarily for edge form applications on wide sheets but can also form other profiles.

Basic Rollformers Pre-Notch
Rollforming pre-notched, punched and embossed coil strip for full wrapper frames.

Basic Rollformers

The basic Rollformer can be designed for a manual blank feed form operation. It can also be used inline to produce a complete product fabrication system.

Each Rollformer is specially designed to match the part profile, material to be formed and overall production criteria.

Electrical Box
Rollforming pre-notched, punched and embossed coil strip for Full Wrapper Frames.
Inboard Roll Tooling to edge form a wide Electrical Panel. Pre-cut to length blank fed with embossed knockouts.  Basic Rollformers Inboard Tooling
The Rollformer can be pre-tooled with two edge form applications outboard and two inboard profiles pre-tooled side by side. Materials can be 26 Gauge parts on one set and 16 Gauge on the other with a setup or roll adjustment.  Basic Rollformers Pre-Notch Strip Feed Rollforming a pre-notched strip feed. Rollformer indexes (starts / stops) and sequences notched strip for the Cutoff.
 Basic Rollformer Inboard Tooling To point out our systems can be designed in a wide range of pre-cut and post cutoff applications. We can pre-tool one to four sections in the same system depending on production rate and volume and versatility required.
 Basic Panel Rollformer Two Pre-Tooled Panel Rollformers on a common base to be shuttled in and out of line with the Coil Stop Feed for a quick changeover system.

What makes us different

To point out many Companies tend to overlook automation for Rollforming due to the wide range of lengths, punch patterns, and end notching configurations required in their product. Moreover our engineers are solving these and many other production problems every day. Overall vast and dramatic changes and improvements have been made in all fields of electronics. For example these changes include types of feeds and index drives along with major developments in hydraulic and pneumatic controls. Hence the options are almost endless to any company aggressive enough to understand and utilize what’s available today for the equipment of tomorrow.

The Systems can be designed using a combination of Servo Index Feeds and Individual Hydraulic Press / Dies with a wide variety of pre-tooled Punch and Notch Dies sequenced with a Programmable Controller. This virtually eliminates all the setup previously required to produce parts.  Control Panel
 Basic On-Time Rollformer This total On Time Production System allows you to run individual parts with a wide variety of lengths and patterns, eliminating setups, downtime and / or scrap loss.

Infinite Variety

The Pre-Notch and Punch will gag the Presses and sequence the strip with the Programmable Microprocess Controller for an infinite variety of hole patterns, spacing, and part lengths.

The Programmable Feed and Pre-Tooled Dies eliminate setups. The Controller is pre-programmed for over 100 different combinations. It requires just simple part number and quantity inputs to produce a wide variety of pattern configurations. New parts can be entered directly from the user friendly keyboard with simple keyboard entries. Hence eliminating extensive programming and cost to add or change parts. Also it allows the company to run the parts as needed and eliminate extensive inventory and part storage.

Programmable Rollfeed to pre-notch and punch down both edges of the strip. Variable Die Bed provides for a wide variety of strip widths. Pre-notched / punched strip feeds directly into the Rollformer.  Basic Rollformer Hydraulic Punches
 Basic On-Time Rollformer

On Time Production

The latest concepts in On Time Production Systems. This type system eliminates all the setup and inventory problems. It also can incorporate an Inline Endformer Cutoff Press directly after the Rollformer. This eliminates a secondary endform operation and setup. It is our goal to supply our customer with the best, most complete systems available and to solve as many of your production problems as economically feasible. Our systems have a wide variety of features combined for maximum production and minimum downtime for setup and changeover.

  Basic Rollform System

The Rollformer can be pre-tooled with two sets of tooling (side by side) to form two independent part sections. Each section will have its own, separate Cutoff and Form Press. The entire unit will be laterally shifted inline with the Coil Strip Feed when changing products.

We build systems to increase productivity, minimize inventory and handling. Systems are tailored to eliminate or minimize changeover of setup time. We provide quality systems at a price you can afford.

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