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Decoiler Pictures

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Decoiler with coil

6,000# – 30″ Decoiler with Power Loop Arm and Manual Expansion.

10000 lb Decoilers

Two (2) 10,000# Decoilers with over and under loop control
to simultaneously feed Foam Panel Line.

60" Decoiler

60″ wide 25,000# to 30,000# under fed Decoilers with hold down arm.

Dual Mandrel Decoiler

Dual Mandrel Decoilers 15,000# capacity with
Hydraulic Expansion and Hold Down Arms.

Dual Mandrel Drag Brake Decoiler

4,000# Dual Mandrel Drag Brake Decoiler with
manual expansion and rotation.
*Shown with optional Coil Car.

Dual Decoiler with Feeder Straightener

10,000# – 24″ Dual Mandrel Decoiler with Feeder Straightener.

Decoiler with Hold Down Arm

Decoiler with Hold Down Arm

Multiple Decoilers

Five (5) 25,000# underfed Decoilers with hydraulic expansion and hold down arms.
(Quick Coil Changeover Design)

Multiple Decoilers with Coil Car

Four (4) 10,000# Decoilers inline to feed an Automatic Roof Curb Line.
Combination Coil Car / Upender loads and unloads coil directly from horizontal skids.

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