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At ASME, a division of Custom Rollform Products, we design ASME Feeder Straighteners to straighten and remove the coil set from the coil stock. They can be integrated into a wide variety of Coil Feed Applications. Typically, Straighteners can be used in non-powered pull through applications. They can also be adapted with a wide range of powered feeds to fit a variety of design functions. Feeder Straightener60” Feeder Straightener with pneumatic Pinch Rolls, All Gear Drive, standard five Roll (2 over 3) with sixth Over Under Roll.
Decoiler Feeder Straightener18″ Powered Feeder Straightener with Slack Loop Control. It pulls the material from a Drag Brake Decoiler feeding the strip into a free slack loop.

Standard Features

  • All Pinch Rolls and Leveling Rolls are full hardened, turned, ground, and polished for extended wear life.
  • All Straighteners have two sets of Pinch Rolls (entrance and exit) with All Gear Drives top to bottom with pneumatic clamping.
  • Standard Straightener Roll setup is our five Roll (2 over 3) with a Micrometer Readout for the full gauge range.
  • Every unit comes standard with Over Under Roll to handle reverse wound coils or under fed payoff operations.
  • Perform all Roll settings with a single Handwheel with Micrometer Readout.
  • All Rolls have heavy duty journals running on quality anti-friction Roller Bearings.

Options Available

  • Infeed and / or Outfeed Tables and Guides
  • Cascade Rolls
  • Frames
  • A wide variety of Drives
  • Programmable Feed Controls
  • Loop Arms
  • Photo or Sonic Loop Controls.

The Straighteners can be used to directly pull the strip from the Decoiler slack loop into a Press and / or Cutoff application. We offer a wide variety of Programmable Feeds and Controls to adapt to a wide range of Flying or Index Feed Systems. The primary function of a Feeder Straightener is to remove the coil set as it feeds the strip in a variety of applications.

Coil Cut-To-Length Lines Programmable Slit & Shear14 Gauge Straightener with Programmable Feed for Coil Cut To Length


The quality of the Feeder Straightener and the Feed Length Controls used are the back bone of any Coil Cut To Length System. We make one of the finest Feeder Straighteners in the industry.  They come loaded with standard features only found on the most expensive Coil Feed Systems.


24″ – 16 Gauge Five Roll Straightener

The Feeder Straightener can pull the strip directly from a Drag Brake Decoiler or from a free Decoiler slack loop. In a Drag Brake Application the coil size, weight, and type of Drag Brake used could affect the size and type of Straightener, and the sizing of the drive required. All Feeder Straighteners can be motorized or powered and setup with standard Slack Loop Controls and / or Variable Speed Drives to fit a special application.
Dual Decoiler with Feeder Straightener

24″ wide 18 Gauge Five Roll Straightener


Feeder Straighteners can also be the primary direct feed for a Flying Cutoff or as a Programmable Index Feed System. We offer a wide variety of Drive and Control options for systems requiring Programmable Roll Feeds to sequence the strip through a series of Punch, Cutoff, or Press Feed Applications. Units can be setup with Standard or Variable Speed Drives, Vertex or Servo Feed Drives with a wide variety of Programmable Controllers.

 Feeder Straightener 4000 Series The standard ASME Feeder Straightener consist of two sets of Pinch Rolls (entrance and exit) and six Straightener Rolls, for Over or Under Feed Applications.  The Pinch Rolls are Gear drive top to bottom and pneumatic clamping raises and lowers them.  The Lower Straightener Rolls are Gear driven on 3” and larger diameter Rolls.  All Rolls and Gears are hardened 58 to 60 Rc running on heavy duty Roller Bearings.
Feeder Straightener - 5000 series

60″ wide Nine Roll Straightener for Stainless Steel

GP Feeder Straightener
Note! Most Straighteners are designed to remove the coil set in one direction or the other depending on if the strip is paid off from the top or bottom of the coil. This also means they do not have the capability to handle reverse wound coil set. We design all ASME Straighteners to remove coil set in both directions including reverse wound coils as a standard feature.

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Feeder Straighteners Home 2000 Series 2500 Series 3000 Series 4000 Series 5000 Series

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