Coil Cut to Length Lines

Coil Cut To Length Lines Home Compact Cut To Length Double Slack Loop Cut To Length Slit and Shear with Arbor Slitter Programmable Slit and Shear Coil Line CNC Notch / Punch Coil Cut To Length

Coil Cut To Length Lines allow a manufacturer the flexibility to produce sheared blanks in a wide range of lengths with a minimum amount of scrap and handling. Equipment such as this can drastically reduce material cost and production time.  This allows you to minimize your inventory and incorporate a Just In Time (JIT) Production Philosophy.

American Sheet Metal Equipment (a division of Custom Rollform Products) manufactures a wide variety of Coil Cut To Length Lines.  These machines are capable of meeting your fabrication requirements. Whatever the application, whatever the need we can incorporate our standard features along with any of the options that will increase your production rate along with cutting your cost.

We offer a full range of Drives, Controls, and Line Configurations along with inline notching, punching, and labeling to fit your every production requirement. Our Systems are designed to straighten and cut to length 10 Ga. to 30 Ga. mild steel, aluminum or stainless steel in widths up to 72″.

We can also incorporate several types of Slitters into the Cut To Length Lines to increase your production capabilities. Throat Slitters offer quick changeover for Just In Time setups and Arbor Slitters for multiple slit applications.

 a_cut-to-length-600-2Compact Cut To Length  Double Slack Loop Cut To LengthDouble Slack Loop Cut To Length
 a_slit_and_shear_with_arbor_slitterSlit & Shear with Arbor Slitter  a_programmable_slit_and_shear_coil_lineProgrammable Slit & Shear Coil Line
CNC Notch Punch Cut To LengthCNC Notch / Punch Coil Cut To Length

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