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Tangent Formers
Safes Electrical Enclosure
Boxes & Wireways
Furnace Wrapper Air-Conditioning Cabinets Radius Corners
 Lines Gun Safes
10, 11, and 12 Ga. Steel
Programmed Full Wrapper Tangent Former
Utilizing the Safes one piece full wrapper design concept increased the manufactures production capabilities and greatly reduced the welding and finish time. This system produced by A.S.M.E., a division of Custom Rollform Products, produced full wrapped four sided Housing ranging from 24” x 24” to 36” x 72” in three depths (strip widths). The Coil Feed, Notched, Punched , Rollformed and Tangent Formed Housings are complete and automatic. The front flange (4” with a 2” return) was Rollformed simultaneously with the 1-1/2” back flange.The Notched and Rollformed Wrapper was fed directly into the programmed Tangent Former to produce the completed formed four sided Housing. Finished parts were ejected and conveyed to the customers Robotic Welding System.

Safes are produced on a just in time basis with no setup or scrap loss when changing part sizes within the coil width and gauge range.

 Gun Safe  Rollform Profile
 Tangent Former Program Sequence  Gun Safe Housing
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Lines Personal Safes
Complete Coil Feed Rollformer and Tangent Wingformer to produce a variety of Personal Safes
Personal Safes

Personal Safes (18 Ga.) Coil Feed 12 different sizes and styles, Full Wrapper design with Inline Welding.

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