Air Make-Up Units

This line was designed and manufactured by Custom Rollform Products for a manufacturer of Air Make-Up Units. The main body or structural enclosures of these units consist of two basic components, the Frame Rails and the Intermediate Supports.

Both the Frame Rail and the Intermediate Support are manufactured from 16 gauge pre-painted or galvanized mild steel and both are produced from the same coil slit width.

The complete Coil Fed, Punch, Notch, Rollform and Endform System consist of a Dual Mandrel Decoiler, Powered Feeder Straightener with Sonic Loop Control, a series of Pre-Tooled Hydraulic Punch, Notch Dies with a Programmable Rollfeed, a special Pre-Tooled 24 Station Rollformer and two complete sets of Cutoff and Endform Presses.

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