Stud & Track

The H.D. Stud Line was developed by Custom Rollform Products as an Economical System to manufacture Stud and Track on a just in time basis. It offers the latest concepts in quick-change set ups that allow you to convert from Stud to Track in less than a minute. This allows manufacturers of Pre-fabricated Housings and Major Contractors to produce cut to length sections on time and as needed without hours of set ups, coil changes and excessive scrap loss.

The main feature that really makes this System great is our Variable Head Rollformer that positions the roll tooling with simple leadscrew handwheel in less than a minute. We have designed optional features that eliminates a coil changeover between Stud and Track which is a real time saver. This allows you to run and/or bundle everything (Stud and Track) as needed for a wall or section on a just in time basis.

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