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Tangent Formers – Furnace Wrappers

Tangent Formers
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Furnace Wrapper Air-Conditioning Cabinets Radius Corners

Tangent Forming Three (3) Sided Wrapper Housing

This was a blank feed, punch and notch system feeding the part directly
through the Rollformer to form the top and bottom edge flanges. The
Tangent Wingformer formed the lead and trail front edge flanges then
final formed the part into a three (3) side wrapper housing.

System sensed the length and width of the individual blank and automatically
set the width of the notch, punch and Rollformer, then downloaded
the feed sequence for the notch, punch and tangent form operations.

Furnace Wrapper
Furnace Wrapper End Forming Front Flanges & Tangent Forming into three (3) Sided Wrapper. 22 Ga. Pre-Painted

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Blank Feed System to Form the Furnace Wrapper Housing from Pre-Painted Mild Steel

The double stack tower retrieved the pre-cut blanks from eight (8) different skidded stacks. The parts will be placed onto the feed conveyor and transferred directly into the pre-notch and punch presses.  Double Stack Tower

Programmable Feed and Form Cycle to Produce a Three (3) Sided Wrapper

Two (2) opposed programmable tangent formers using a combination feed form sequence will form a wide variety of three (3) sided wrappers. One traveling tangent former head feeds and indexes the part into a fixed position tangent former head. Using a combination of clamp, feed and form cycles the two (2) ends are formed then sides are formed into a three (3) sided wrap housing. Flange heights can vary form part without any changeovers or set-ups.

The punch, notch and Rollformer automatically varied in width to match the blank width. A program was downloaded to sequence the notch and punch pattern along with the form sequence for the Tangent Former.  3 Sided Wrapper
The programmed Tangent Former accepted the part as it exits the Rollformer to form the two (2) end flanges and form the units into a one (1) piece three (3) sided housing.  Tangent Former

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